Practical Web Design magazine

Lately I’ve been reading a new magazine, Practical Web Design. It’s a magazine out of the UK, and I just love it. It’s not for the hard core developer, but it is a nice blend of knowledge that not everyone will have. It comes with a CD wich has some really great stuff on it. Both Mac and PC solutions are used, which I love.

There are articles for designers and developers (well… developer to be) alike. Design, CSS, Flash, PHP and more are not only talked about but they have tutorials on things you’d use all the time. I think their intended audience is for the part time web person. Not necessarily for someone who does it for a living, but I’d say there is something there for you either way. For instance, there have been some great articles on RSS feeds, building a Flash aggregator and PHP lists.

I also came across the podcast from the magazine. The CD has it on there, but you can subscribe via iTunes as well. They are from Paul Boag, a designer who has his own design business in the UK and gives some great tips. I think they are bi monthly, but are usually about 45 minutes long. He also has some great podcasts at BoagWorld, as well as some fantastic book buying advice. I agree with pretty much all his favorite books.

There is a great section of 20 sites he finds interesting, and they are. Go take a look. I recently took a trip and listened to the podcasts on my way home. I was tired after my long drive, but couldn’t stop thinking of ideas I’d gotton from these podcasts. Can’t say everyone will gleen something from every single one, but I bet it’ll get the creative juices flowing, which can be a wonderful thing.

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