Being Self-Employed

I’ve been self employed again for a few months. So I wonder if I have learned anything since last time. The biggest problem I had before I still seem to have. Time-management.

I became self-employed because I am an Adobe Instructor. I train maybe 10 or so days a month. A normal job wouldn’t allow me to be a Instructor. So I fill the other part of my time with production work. This time around I paired up with a marketing firm downtown. I thought it would be good because they had nobody that did web. Well, it turns out, they don’t even have a website themselves. Wow, yep in 2008 they didn’t see a need. Amazing.

I also thought I’d be able to do some design work, but it turns out that he didn’t want to insult his print designer and I am never going to be able to design there. Her designs look like print. Plain and simple she has never cut up a page for HTML so she has no idea what it takes to make a web page and it shows. We had a bit of a fight about her designs once because I mentioned I don’t do tables. She thought I was a nut. You could hear the laughter in her voice. Amazing. She was laughing and looking down at me because I use pure CSS to lay out my web pages.

Lets say it didn’t make me want to go hang out down there. They have a client that keeps me semi-busy so I just do the work from home. Again, turns out he didn’t want me working at home and was expecting me to hang out down there so he could ask me questions and learn about the web from me. HA! Seriously thought I’d just hang out and work from there even if I wasn’t working on his stuff. No thanks, my office is much more comfortable.

I still do some production work for the guy I train for, but none of it makes up what I made at my last contract gig. That was nice making that kind of money. So the question is do I help get more training gigs? Do I just market myself better? What do I do to get my career back on track without having to go back to work for someone?

The biggest issue I have is time-management. I tend to get up early with our 3 dogs, work for awhile, then take a nap. Then I get back up and do a few chores around the house. I get back to work and then get dinner ready. It seems that after 8 o’clock is when I really like to dig in and work. I sometimes work until 2 or 3 in the morning.

So I have decisions to make. Can I actually learn time-management? Can I be more productive? I like working for myself. I’ve become tainted over the last few years. Only getting a job at somewhere like Adobe would give me enough incentive to stay happy at a job. I do miss working with a team. I’m a pretty social creature. I look for my UGM and Community Expert friends online and I couldn’t do that in a regular job, so I guess I’d better make it work is my conclusion.

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