Recording Instructional Videos

For the last several weeks, I’ve been in New York and New Jersey. I can certainly tell you that I never thought in a million years that New Jersey wold be so beautiful. I flew into NYC and rented a car to get to my destination, which was about 40 minutes to an hour outside NYC.

No one had warned me about the toll bridges. Geesh, good thing I had brought some cash, which I rarely carry on me. Think I went through all my bills on the way there, and also luckily found a different route back that didn’t have as many toll bridges.

I had borrowed my daughter’s GPS and I can verify what others have said. They do try and kill you sometimes. I did somehow finally find my way to my destination, Park Ridge, NY, and wow it is the cutest little town. It is on the edge between NY and NJ and the road off the highway to get there was very photographic. Unfortunately I was always in a hurry, and never got to stop to take my camera out almost the entire time.

I was there to do some videos on Dreamweaver CS5. I’d come back maybe later for Fireworks, but Dreamweaver was the cause for this trip. I’d been so busy otherwise, I could have prepared better for these videos, but here I was just the same. So nightly, I’d have to do all the lessons for the next day. As an Adobe instructor; I can honestly say that I’ve never worked so hard before coming up with lessons that a new user wold be able to follow.

The real problem was, as comfortable as I am talking to a crowd, doing these recordings was nerve-racking. I kept messing up my words, and stumbling around like an amateur. Well, to be honest, I was new to this recording stuff. I failed doing these at home. I have a large old house with 48 windows. These isn’t a room where I could record without some noise, so that is why I had to come to NY. For a week I sat in a 6X6 room all day and with the help of my producer, I finally finished. Man, thank goodness for editing. I haven’t heard the result, but I am sure they did a great job. I can hardly wait till the video comes out.

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