San Francisco Flash Camp/Muir Woods

I am so excited that I got to come to California and San Francisco this time of year to go to the Flash Camp. I love being at Adobe, and these Flash Camp’s are always a blast. Lots on Multi-touch and devices. Of course, my favorite part is seeing my friends.

I stayed in the Moser this time. I hope this record reminds me that I don’t want to do that again. Super, super small. It is a quaint hotel though, right in the middle of Union Square, so it was convenient to take cabs to Townsend street. It is very deco-ish and I did have a room that had its own bathroom, however small. At least I wasn’t sharing a bathroom with the floor like other rooms did. So, I am grateful for that.

I was there a day prior to work on some articles, so I got to hang out at Adobe, which is always fantastic. The event itself was great. You don’t often besides MAX, get to see the Adobe peeps speak all in one night, so it was fun to see what was in the agenda. There was a ton of candy, and give aways, and great information.

The next day I went on a tour of Muir Woods and Sonoma Valley. Very cool. Well, I should say I loved Muir Woods but didn’t see enough of Sonoma. I apparently misread the brochure and we were just on a wine tasting tour. I don’t care for wine, so it wasn’t what I expected. I did manage to get some decent shots however with my brand new Canon 7D, which I’d marry if it were a guy. 😉


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