Flash and the City

I’ve submitted topics to multiple conferences this year. Flash and the City is one of those conferences. I love speaking at conferences, but my favorite part is seeing friends. I live in Kansas City, so in other words, a fly over State. It isn’t often enough I get to see my friends, so any time I get to is fantastic. Also, I had spent more time in NY this year than at home doing both the videos for Total Training in New York instead of at home because of my noisy house. Both times, I spent weeks in NY, but never going into the big city itself, so this was a treat.

Upon getting to the hotel, and catching up with Leif Wells, Aaron Pedersen and James Polanco, I realize the rooms look out over ground zero. It was a very sobering experience I can assure you. We check out our surroundings, see some other speakers for the event, and get some grub.

The next day was the conference. When we get there, there is a huge line of people lined up. They weren’t letting people inside however. A few of us offered to help. Actually, I think my words were, “You need help” but it was refused. There were several of us accustomed to being at conferences, and certainly know how things go. Or should go. We could have easily helped. Instead it was 9am and no one was in the doors yet, and not registered either. Geesh. Liz finally took control and told them to let everyone in and they could register them after the keynote.

Of course there had to continue to be a parody or comedy of errors, right? Yep. The tables set up were fairly rickety, and not much room, and the projector really wanted to be 800X600, but the keynote finally happened. Lots of good workflow stuff there. After the keynote, before everyone could register however, there was break dancing. Yep, break dancing. Then there was a video. People were starting to get restless. It was 20 minutes after they were suppose to be done and still no one was registered.

RiaRadio was there. They were set up in a bizarre dark room with equally bizarre abstract videos being played. At least there were couches in there. I think that is where I spent the majority of my time.

When it came time for my press, I was given the strangest introduction ever. I don’t even want to put it down on paper, but it was like I was being insulted. He made it out like I was forced upon him by Adobe. Nice.

All-in-all the weirdest conference I had been at, let alone where I had spoken. This was great though, because all last year I attended about 9 conferences where they all ran great. No hiccups, so I wanted to be prepared for my conference in June. I have to take private notes to make sure mine runs great. Onward to the next conference, NCDevCon run by my good friend, Dan Wilson. Can’t wait!


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