St. Louis Flash Camp

I had the honor to be asked back to the St. Louis Flash Camp as speaker this year. Last year it was 1 room for a full day, this year it was 2 rooms for a full day. I did just 1 session this time, on yes, you guessed it, Flash Catalyst. About 3 people in the room even knew what it was. Sad, but that has been my experience lately.  I’ve done 3 demos on CS5 for the AIGA in different parts of the country lately, and I have found no one seems to even know what Flash Catalyst is, amazing.

There was a keynote by Paul Trani, Matthew Wallace presented, David Ortinau, Ben Stucki and many others. It was held as usual at the City Museum, which was a blast as Paul, Myra and myself explored after we presented. I even went up to the top to slide down the 10 story slide. There was no way however I was going all the way to the top for the Ferris Wheel. No way.

Anyway, both the conference and the time spent shopping and hanging out in St. Louis was fantastic. A great trip. Thanks to J.P. Revel (who also spoke at my conference) for inviting me yet again for such a wonderful experience.

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