Adobe MAX 2010

Yet another MAX. Phew. Exhausting, but SO much fun. It seems like it was harder to recover this year, than previous years, but it was worth it.

I made a mistake in when I was coming out to MAX this year, and seems someone else did also. I was able to remedy my error by planning a trip to Sequoia National Park/Forest with a friend, which is way better hanging out in downtown LA for a few days. We both got there on the 21st and drove to Bakersfield since it was about half way between. We spent the night and drove up to Sequoia bright and early the next morning. From the moment we got into the park, we could see the fog up higher and was hoping it might burn off. Still, the scenery was amazing and I was already taking dozens of pictures before we had really even set much of a foot into the area. Thank goodness for digital.

My favorite part of a trip like that where we ended up going all the way up to 8200 feet, was how much the terrain changes along the way. So cool. Literally cool as well at 8200 feet. heh. The fog didn’t let up at all unfortunately. It was a mixed blessing really. Both my friend and myself are a bit afraid of heights, so you couldn’t see a thing other than a surreal, otherworldly mist that would often waft across the road in a very Stephen King-ish way.

Eventually we got to where the Sequoias were. More mist and very, very large trees later, we were both disappointed that our day was ending. We took a crazy amount of pictures of large trees it got to be funny. Without something beside them, it was hard to see the sheer scale of how extra large they are. Anyway, here are my pics on Flickr.

After a very long, wrong way decent from the mountains, we settled in for the evening to finish up our materials for our sessions. Couldn’t be done early, nope, couldn’t happen. When we retured to LA, that night we had a Community dinner. Last year we had about 15, so this year I planned early and had an invitation up online. We ended up with 34 people all together. It was a blast, but hard to visit with everyone. Nothing I love more than my community of Adobe peeps. To quote a commercial, priceless.

We had a horrible mix up with the rooms that still isn’t fixed, so I won’t go into that at the moment.

The conference itself was riddled with devices. Everyone received 2 free devices, and some of us got some more at a BlackBerry/RIM event. Mobile this, and mobile that. Tablet this, and tablet that. So many cool things going on it was crazy.

From the keynotes, to the Unconfrences, I’d say this was by far the best MAX I’ve attended. As usual, I was a TA, starting with Doug Winnie’s full day Actionscript 1:1 class. The Community Summit was going on at the same time, so I had to run down as often as I could. I hated missing most of the Summit. Nothing is more important than Community for me, but I had promised I’d help TA that class.

The evening event was ok. I am not a fan of that bowling alley as it is loud enough that it is hard to talk to everyone. I left early that night as I was presenting the next day, and had more work to do on my presentation. I was also a TA for, well, the entire conference, so I doubt I ever got more than 4-5 hours sleep the entire week.

I also spoke at the unconference for 360|Flex, on wireframing for RIA. Whoever was the speaker after me, was super rude. Not nice person at all. Wireframing never gets much love, and while the conference organizers keep choosing that, not that many people ever show up to listen. Maybe I need to change the title of the presentation to something else to get more people listening.

My sessions were ok, but of course could have gone better. I’ll write more about this topic later. For now, I am exhausted and not feeling that great, so more on this in another post.


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