Podcasting and branding

I wanted to brand my conference D2W, a bit more so I started a podcast with 3 of my favorite geek friends, James Polanco, Aaron Pedersen and Doug Winnie. I picked Doug not by chance because he was just as much into workflow as I was and was Product Manager of Workflow at Adobe. He also wrote a book on workflow with Aaron and James called,  Adobe Flash Platform from Start to Finish. Aaron and James have a business called Development Arc, and James use to be at Adobe on various things including being a QA for Director. Not to mention they were all speakers at D2W this year.

James had the most experience amongst us, having a professional long term podcast in the past. Aaron and I were newer to this and Doug had a bunch of experience presenting for Adobe TV, and teaching. It is true that I’ve done a few training videos, and I am an instructor, UG manager etc., but somehow a podcast and getting recorded seems new and different. All I can say is thank goodness for editing.

The logistics of getting a good recording of 4 people isn’t easy. The first podcast I recorded the entire thing with Wiretap Studio through Skype. Wiretap lets me add other sources besides myself and it was pretty easy. The problem was I didn’t have the highest quality setting turned on, and it already had some compression. So it ended up being a huge file. So huge in fact I had to add some storage for the place where the podcast is hosted. The sound wasn’t fantastic and having everyone on the same track editing, was tricky and it took me forever. I used both Wiretap and Soundbooth. Soundbooth kept crashing on me and drove me a little batty.

We aren’t using the same equipment either, so there is an issue with that as well. Of the 5 podcasts we have done so far, I used my sound booth 2 times, and work 2 times, and you could absolutely tell I was at work once. I have 2 mics, a Yetti and a Snowball, both by BLUE mics. Doug also uses a Yetti and James and Aaron have headsets. James always sounds fantastic. Doug and I vary depending on where we are at, but we often hear Doug typing. He does tend to bang on the keys a bit though. 🙂 Aaron is the one who we need to get a new mic soon. His always sounds the worse.

After the failure of the first, we decided to each record the podcast separately. I believe most of us use SoundBooth, although I’ve used Garage Band once, and Wiretap as well, sometimes at the same time just to see how different it sounds. James edited the other podcasts with a much more sophisticated piece of software; Ableton live. I am in the middle of editing the last one, and have only an inkling of how OCD James became editing the others. He certainly made us sound better. I am using the beta release of Audition 3, which I can tell you is already more stable than the release version of SoundBooth. I will say I like SB for its ease of use. I knew nothing the first time I used it and managed to edit the first podcast. My issue with it is the crashing. The constant crashing. Audition 3 hasn’t crashed yet, but I am only getting started editing.

We have the podcasts on Lysbin and on iTunes. I have added the conference to Lanyard and anywhere else I could think of. I spend more time on Twitter than anywhere else, and could probably use help getting the word out for both the conference and the podcast. Branding correctly is an art. An art I need to look into and practice a bit more. Our conference this year could have had more people attend. We had an amazing line-up of speakers this year, and again we have a great start to next years line-up of topics and speakers.

This year I did interviews and put them on the website. Next year I am using my podcasting skills and adding also interviews as audio files. I love listening to podcasts while working out and while driving more than half an hour somewhere. I hope others will find our podcast worth doing the same.

I can say that I plan on going all out to brand D2W. I already have 1 sponsor and going to work hard at getting more. Not just a sponsor to shell out money, but one that we can both benefit from their sponsorship. I am passionate about education, about sharing, about networking and the community. I hope our podcast will be beneficial to folks, and in the end expand the brand for D2W as well as stand on its own for Doug, Aaron and James.

Podcasting certainly has been an interesting experience and a lot harder than I thought.


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