360|Flex conference: speaking

I know the organizers of 360|Flex, and somehow I’ve never submitted a topic for them before. Oh, I’ve thought about it, but never actually took the time. Last year I believe it was about 7 conferences I spoke at, I went to 9 the year before, so I have been a little busy. Besides, last year I put my own conference, D2W. So when the call for speakers went up this year, I decided why not. I have a fairly new job and needed to not go to as many conferences, so I looked at what I knew was coming up, and made the choice to submit to 360|Flex.

I was super excited to find out recently that I am accepted. My session is Logical Design for Developers – Design isn’t a four letter word on day 3 of the conference. I’ve heard how amazing these were before, and since it is in Denver this year I am doubly excited. Think I might stay an extra day or so just to see some sights. Workflow and getting designers and developers to work together has been a passion of mine for some time. I am excited they chose my session with so many great topics already on the schedule.

For me, it is always nice to see my fellow geeks, which is one reason I go to as many conferences as I do. I plan on seeing as many sessions as possible though. Here are some I plan to see. Sim Bateman-Put some Javascript in your backend; MichelleYaiser-A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…; Garth Braithwaite-Good UX; maybe this one Dan Orlando & Adnaan Ahmad- Optimizing the Designer-Developer workflow with Flash Catalyst CS5 & Flash Builder 4 (I quite often speak on Flash Catalyst, but I am no hard core developer so this will be good). Looking forward to seeing, John Wilker (organizer), Michelle Yaiser, Sim Bateman, Ryan Stewart, Jeff Tapper, Rob Rusher, Jeffry Houser, Ben Stucki, Tom Ortega and Antonio Holguin.

Lots of great sessions to see. Go get your tickets now before it is too late and you miss out on the fun. http://www.360flex.com/register/

See you there!

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