Speaking at…

As conference season gets going, I am speaking at 2 conferences coming up.

In April I am speaking at 360|Flex conference. I have already blogged about this, but as it is my first time speaking there, I am super excited. In May, I am speaking again at Flash and the City, in New York.  Those of us laugh a bit about the name, because as you probably know already, New Yorkers think NYC is *the* only city.

Last year I had a blast hanging out with all my friends, and although the venue was a bit odd, there at least was break dancing. Yep, break dancing. I am doing a session this year on design for developers. It is based on my article I did for the Adobe Edge newsletter. I am typically one of the only designers (hybrid really) in a sea of developers. I also speak a lot at developer conferences and I can tell you, it won’t hurt have some developers attend my session and learn a bit about the basics of design. We’ll talk about concepts for spacing items on the page, typography, choosing colors (which alone we could spend all day) how to put emphasis on items so they are more easily read by the user. Depending on where you work, a designer isn’t always handy. There are plenty of times when the developer is the one doing many tasks. Plus it never hurts to be able to tell your boss, “Yes, I can make those changes, no need to go back to the designer for that”.

So far, I am looking forward to seeing, and hearing; Peter Elst, Keith Peters, Doug Winnie, Garth Braithwaite (who just became a UX person at Adobe recently), Jeff Tapper, Jesse Warden, Ryan (RFS) Stewart, Stacy Mulcahy, Michael Labriola,  Jesse Freeman and Serge Jespers. There will be more info coming soon on the site. Flashandthecity.com

Set your calendar for June 9-12, in New York City, NY. New venue this year, and the City part is more separated out, so there will be time to enjoy the city. What could be better than to see some amazing sessions, learn something, and hang out with these amazing speakers and get to see New York at the same time. Nothing. Come join us! (Then come to Kansas City in July 14-16 for D2W of course.)

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  1. Hi, I’m also a hybrid – I was a designer first (20 plus years). It is also helpful to say to the boss, “Yes, I can make those changes, no need to go back to the developer for that.” Thanks for your posts! It is nice to know I am not alone 🙂

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