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Adobe Fireworks Resources

Recently I did a search of resources for someone new to Adobe Fireworks. This is the list I came up with, and please feel free to comment and I’ll add to it. Should end up a pretty great list.
I did videos for Total Training on Fireworks CS5, but everybody here already knows that. Just do a search. I think most are on youtube at this point. Greg Rewis also did a slew of them on tv.adobe.

In CS6, make sure you have Auto Save turned on here >>

Make sure you have all the good extensions from:
John Dunning –
Matt Stow –
Aaron Beal –

Resources: (and they have a ton of videos by Tom Green and Jim Babbage)!prettyPhoto – Tom Green has a ton of Tutorials here, and I believe Jim Babbage has stuff here also.

Oh… and one of the few Fireworks User Groups, Fire on the Bay. Tons of recordings

From my previous posts about extensions: (this entire post is great and *filled* with wireframing extras)


That should be enough to get you going for awhile. 🙂